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I think what's most important about those pictures is understanding who's responsible in the end for the change depicted. It's a messy story of the USA and British governments being lap dogs to the oil companies, scheming and participating coup d'état against the democratic elected Iranian government. In 1933 Afghanistan became a constitutional monarchy (that's same as for example Great Britain) and in 1964 even with the voting rights for women. What's often depicted as a Soviet invasion into Afghanistan was actually an intervention in which the Soviets did support the Afghan government against forces of the, today we'd call them islamistic, Mudschaheddin. It were the USA and Great Britain that supported the Mudschaheddin with funds and arms, ultimately putting the country in the state it's right now. And for what: Some diffuse fear the Soviets might invade the USA and the communism overpowering them; for what reason, if I may ask – Russia is much richer in natural, mineral and agricultural resources than the USA.

Of course the whole history goes back way further, it stretches back to the phases of colonialization in the mid and late 19th century. But for the depicted period of time the foremost motivator was: Greed for oil and power.

It's kind of pathetic if you think about it.
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