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April 19 2013




Leading Men Age, Leading Women Don’t | Vulture

There are more charts if you click through.

this is revolting

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March 27 2013


What's remarkable about all this is not that men and women have so much in common but that these commonalities persist despite relentless gender policing that usually involves quite a bit of shame. Men face ridicule if they're perceived as having female-like levels of empathy and concern for their friends, and yet, according to the study, they overcome it. Women are routinely told there's something wrong with them if they have "masculine" attitudes towards sex and men are emasculated if they aren't horny all the time or if they desire intimacy alongside their sexual adventures, and yet both genders tend to have a mix of adventurousness and tenderness when it comes to sex. We're constantly being put in gender silos, and yet, apparently, we keep escaping. (Go us!)

With that in mind, imagine how much happier we'd be if we just gave up on all the needless gender policing! If men didn't feel like they might lose their "man card" if they hug a friend outside of a sports context or women didn't get labeled "bitch" for assertive behavior, the overlap in these traits would almost surely be greater. (Sure, some claim the differences that do exist are "biological," but if that were true, there would be no need to use shame to keep people from venturing away from their assigned gender roles. Nature would do its job.)

Men and women are basically the same: New study says our personality traits overlap.

(bolded for emphasis)
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March 09 2013

A woman from the audience asks: ‘Why were there so few women among the Beat writers?’ and [Gregory] Corso, suddenly utterly serious, leans forward and says: “There were women, they were there, I knew them, their families put them in institutions, they were given electric shock. In the ’50s if you were male you could be a rebel, but if you were female your families had you locked up."
— Stephen Scobie, on the Naropa Institute’s 1994 tribute to Allen Ginsberg
via she was a killer
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March 02 2013


Women, modelling, the difference, between the afternoon wear, of a woman, in 1900, and, 'modern', 1930s day-wear.
Bassano Fashion Studio

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Comparison, Between the 'Modern' Bathing Costume (Swimsuit), of 1931, and, Older, 1900s, Bathing Costumes.
Bassano Fashion Photography

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February 18 2013


January 20 2013


While these women are supposed to be fighters, critics say they are drawn in a way that renders them powerless.

"People think that if you give the girl a gun, suddenly she's a strong woman," said Silvia Moreno-Garcia, a fantasy writer.

"But maybe she's still a sex object. We forget that the pose, the cropping, the way it's painted [all] tell a story. So if you have one element that says strength - like a gun - but everything else doesn't follow that, that's not the narrative you think you have."

BBC News - The battle against 'sexist' sci-fi and fantasy book covers
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"Why do you hate the shape of breasts in plate armour so much?"


Since people often ask “Alright, well this is fantasy!  Why can’t we have boob shapes in plate armor?!”  I decided to make a post about it.  My frustration has nothing to do with historical inaccuracy and I’m all for imagination and freedom— but I’d like to (very quickly) illustrate this for you:


I purposely over-emphasized the shape of the two spheres in the armor so you can really think about this. 

Look at the shape of the blue cups and the green line, think about the form of that on some beautiful ornate plate armor.  A female warrior is charging into battle.  In the midst of this, she trips!  Or is pushed over, or takes a blow to the chest!  So long as the force is on the front of her torso it really doesn’t matter for the conclusion:

She feels a sharp pain in her chest and hears the cracking of bone!  Oh no, what’s gone wrong?  Well she doesn’t have time to think about that, because she is now dead.

Her sternum just fractured, take another look at that green line, that’s where all of the pressure from any front impact is going to go because of the shape of the two blue cups made for her breasts.  The rest of the armor slides around your body, but because of the two cups for breasts that are often made in fantasy female armors, the pressure point is directly on the sternum.  The breasts are not going to stop the force of you falling onto them, and because of that the metal is going to push in and bash you in the sternum.


What does a fractured sternum do?  Why it goes right into your heart and lungs of course.

(that was the sound of all of my followers inhaling a sharp breath between closed teeth at once)

Here are three great solutions to the problem:





It is usually possible to bind the breasts when fighting if they really are far too large to fit into regular looking armor (there’s padding anyway), but most women can actually fit into a similarly sized male counterpart’s armor quite easily.  Even if that’s the case, the armor can be made to have a curve to it without putting all of the pressure in one area, which was actually a style of armor for quite some time as shown here:


And don’t even get me started on the dreaded “Cleavage Window”

The “Cleavage Window” defeats the purpose of having any armor on your torso because it means you’re just going to be leaving open the vital organs the rest of the armor is trying to protect.

If people are going to protect themselves and not have much torso protection, invest in some blocking lessons, because the best defense is to not get hit at all.  There are also advantages to not having plate armor, and plate armor was often really expensive anyway.


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January 14 2013

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December 09 2012


December 05 2012

How to dress for your body type. [x]
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November 28 2012

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Viktor Frankl quoting Goethe: "If you don't recognize man's will to meaning and search for meaning, you make him worse, you make him dull and frustrated. If, however, you presuppose there must be a spark of search for meaning, then you will elicit it from him and make him become what he in principle is capable of becoming." (via @astrid)
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November 27 2012

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November 24 2012

Politically correct” is just a term assholes came up with so they can dismiss people who have the nerve to want to be respected. Demanding not to be stereotyped is not political correctness, it’s a human right, and you are not some hero for refusing to respect people’s right to be treated like humans.
Dion Beary (via loveyourchaos)
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November 15 2012

1896 9ff1 500
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November 10 2012


When you watch Torchwood there is a warning at the very beginning that some scenes may offend or disturb people, so if you allow your children to sit and watch it with you that’s your responsibility, it’s not ours anymore. We kissed, we held each other, we lay on top of each other in bed… and there were lots of complaints about that. Nobody complained that I was shot in the head four times, there were burning people in ovens, that I was stabbed by a mob of 50 people hundreds of times, and I was hanging dripping my blood in a pit. So that’s what confuses me, because you’re not complaining about gay sex, you’re complaining about two men kissing. And it’s 2011. And people say, “Well why should we have that on television?” Because the BBC have to represent the greater public — and there are gay people out there who pay their television license. For people to complain, that’s your prerogative — but you know what, none of them turned it off! They were just embarrassed because it put them in a position where they had to explain things to their kids or their family which probably should have been explained a long time ago.
— John Barrowman

October 26 2012

I think what's most important about those pictures is understanding who's responsible in the end for the change depicted. It's a messy story of the USA and British governments being lap dogs to the oil companies, scheming and participating coup d'état against the democratic elected Iranian government. In 1933 Afghanistan became a constitutional monarchy (that's same as for example Great Britain) and in 1964 even with the voting rights for women. What's often depicted as a Soviet invasion into Afghanistan was actually an intervention in which the Soviets did support the Afghan government against forces of the, today we'd call them islamistic, Mudschaheddin. It were the USA and Great Britain that supported the Mudschaheddin with funds and arms, ultimately putting the country in the state it's right now. And for what: Some diffuse fear the Soviets might invade the USA and the communism overpowering them; for what reason, if I may ask – Russia is much richer in natural, mineral and agricultural resources than the USA.

Of course the whole history goes back way further, it stretches back to the phases of colonialization in the mid and late 19th century. But for the depicted period of time the foremost motivator was: Greed for oil and power.

It's kind of pathetic if you think about it.
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October 24 2012

Donna Gottschalk holds poster "I am your worst fear I am your best fantasy" at Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day parade, photo by Diana Davies via NYPL
via Autostraddle — Epic Gallery: 150 Years Of Lesbians And Other Lady-Loving-Ladies
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"15/09/2012, Little girl protesting in the streets holds a sign saying "I'm little but I fight for my future rights!!"

More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Lisbon and other Portuguese cities to protest against fresh austerity measures recently announced by the centre-right government."

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October 14 2012

"This Land Is Mine" by Nina Paley.
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