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January 29 2018

PSA to whoever is still here that I moved to tumblr
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May 02 2013

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= on hiatus until I finish writing my thesis =
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February 09 2013

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time to take a break from soup and learn some portuguese history
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July 27 2012


= List of Tags =


universe  comics  urban  nature  design   colours   food   love

films  videos  music   drawing   posters   animation    tea

martial arts   kendo   kyudou   tattoos   books   quotes 

science   poetry   articles   links   typography   ads  comedy

fire   water   mythological    festivals    dragons    games

dth  dolls   clothes   grim    trains   keep calm   misc   soup



doctor who   sherlock  ponies  scott pilgrim   adventure time

avatar  harry potter  star wars  monty python  dr horrible

cabin pressure   portal   blackadder   black books  tank girl

pokemon  ace attorney  kells  hobbit   westeros   steampunk

himym   brave  calvin and hobbes   crossovers   cosplay  



british    scottish   portuguese   japanese   nordic   german

spanish  latino   polish    brazilian   french   canadian   italian 

dutch   korean   vietnamese   chinese    indian    iranian  russian


people   albinos   freckles   society   lgbt   beliefs 

Stephen Fry   John Finnemore  Stephen Merchant  Dylan Moran

Hayao Miyazaki
  Marjane Satrapi  Nina Paley  Lauren Faust

David Tennant  Catherine Tate   Tim Burton   Helena Bonham Carter

Martin Freeman  Benedict Cumberbatch  Hugh Laurie   Ben Whishaw

Alan Rickman   Colin Firth   Emma Watson    Neil Patrick Harris

John Barrowman   Billie Piper   Stephen Colbert


animals   foxes   cats   crows   giraffes   wolves
Tags: soup

January 13 2012


Filtering your Soup

There are a few parameters that you can add to Soup URLs to filter what content to display:

Filtering by content type
Add ?type= followed by either text, link, quote, image, video, review, event, or file to your Soup's URL to show only posts of this content type.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?type=quote

Filtering by date
Add ?date=YYYY-MM-DD to the URL to show posts on and before that date.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?date=2008-06-01

Filtering by text search
Add ?search=query to the URL to show only posts that contain the text 'query'.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?search=blog

To combine these filters, join them together with the & character.
Example: http://kitchen.soup.io/?type=quote&search=blog
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January 09 2012


December 28 2011

Tags: british cats soup
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November 27 2011

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Was ist Soup.io?

October 08 2011

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Tags: soup clothes
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